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Congratulations on the purchase of your hardwood flooring! The following details should clarify what to expect with the professional installation of your new floor.

  • Clear the areas to be installed.
    • Remove all furniture and fixtures. (MACDONALD HARDWOODS DOES NOT MOVE FURNITURE.)
    • Disconnect and move all electronics and breakable items, and place them out of the installation area.
    • Remove all shoes, clothing, and other items from closet floors.
  • When an appliance needs to be moved for the installation, arrange for disconnection of gas and electrical connections. (MACDONALD HARDWOODS WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR DISCONNECTION OR CONNECTION OF GAS OR HARDWIRED ELECTRICAL LINES.)
  • Normal installation methods may lightly scuff your existing baseboards and walls. Be prepared with touch-up paint or stain for your use after installation.
  • If applicable, notify your HOA that we will be performing work in your home. Please let us know any special instructions for delivery, parking, cutting, etc.
  • Before delivery, make room for the cartons of flooring material to be in the area where they will be installed. Identify and prepare a cutting area for the installer.
  • Installer will call you prior to installation to confirm directions and arrival time. You will hear from them no later than Friday before installation starts on Monday.
  • Installer arrives on 1st day of installation:
    • They will conduct a pre-installation inspection and review the job with you.
    • They will confirm the correct color/sizes/rooms to be completed before installation begins.
    • They will discuss with you a list of any existing damage before starting.
  • Appliances Moved:
    • The installer will only move the refrigerator and stove in any kitchen installations.
    • The installer will NOT move dishwashers, and will NOT disconnect any gas lines.
  • Dust and debris from tear-out of existing flooring will be present. The installer will make best efforts to protect your home.
  • Sub-floor and leveling issues will present themselves after tear-out. If your sub-floor requires leveling, we will discuss additional charges before we resume work.
  • The installer will complete your work in accordance with all manufacturer and industry standards
  • The installer will clean-up debris related to the installation, and will vacuum your floors after installation.
  • The installer will make a post-installation inspection with you to ensure your complete satisfaction, and will request a completion sign-off from you.
  • Upon completion, please be prepared to pay the final balance for labor charges to MacDonald Hardwoods.
  • MacDonald Hardwoods recommends keeping at least 2-3 cartons of flooring after the job is completed, in case of future need.

Thank you for your purchase. We will make every effort to ensure your installation goes as expected, and look forward to hearing your feedback upon completion of the job. (We will call you within 2 days after completion!). If you have any questions, please contact your MacDonald Hardwoods sales professional.

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