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Flooring sets the stage for a beautiful interior view, especially when you take advantage of the many exciting options for hardwood flooring at MacDonald Hardwoods.

We are proud to offer you a wide selection of hardwood flooring, as well as some basic information to help make the design and purchasing process fun, creative and easy.

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The Basics

Heartwood – The inner, darker section of the tree that contains less moisture and retains most of its size upon drying. Heartwood is formed from the older sapwood and is the strongest part of the tree. Heartwood is not as susceptible to fungal decay.

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Wood Species

Each species of wood offers different strengths and looks. Review our selection
of hardwoods to learn more each species.





Oak Flooring

Want a floor that is as strong as oak? Our team of flooring
experts at MacDonald Hardwoods specialize in oak flooring. Oak
has a reputation for being a strong, hard wood. The two main
types used for our oak flooring are referred to as White Oak and
Red Oak, and although they are similar, they have a few
characteristics that are worth comparison.

Red Oak Characteristics

Color & Grain: Color has a reddish tint, and an open, coarse grain to it.

Stability & Durability: Red Oak is less durable than White Oak.

White Oak Characteristics

Color & Grain: Can be light brown, white or off-white, and may
even have a minute e amount of pink or gray to it. The grain
has longer, open rays as well as knots or swirling patterns.

Stability & Durability: White Oak is 1% more stable and 5%
harder than Northern Red Oak, so is more durable. Due to tannic
acid, White Oak is protected from insects and fungi.

Maple Flooring

One of the most common and widely used North American woods, the Hard Maple tree is found in eastern North American. While grown in abundance, it is more expensive to get the pure white sap wood. In flooring, you will get a combination of heart and sap wood in any hard maple. Hard Maple is a very clean looking wood with not much grain at all, and very little colour variation which gives a very consistent look. If you don’t like much grain and want a smooth, even tone to your floor, maple is for you.

Maple Characteristics
Color & Grain: Heartwood is creamy white to light reddish brown; sapwood is pale to creamy white. Closed, subdued grain, with medium figuring and uniform texture. Occasionally shows quilted, fid­dleback, curly or bird’s-eye figuring.
Stability & Durability: Average stability (more stable than Red Oak). Dense, strong, tough, stiff; excellent shock resistance.

Hickory Flooring

Hickory while not quite as stable as some of the other woods, is quite hard. The grain of the hickory is closed and tighter together, so if you like the look of a grainy wood, that isn’t as grainy as oak, then Hickory is for you.

Hickory Characteristics
Color & Grain: Pecan heartwood is reddish brown with dark brown stripes; sapwood is white or creamy white with pinkish tones. Hickory heartwood is tan or reddish; sapwood is white to cream, with fine brown lines. Pecan is open, occasionally wavy or irregular. Hickory is closed, with moderate definition; somewhat rough-textured.
Stability & Durability: Pecan, average (more stable than Red Oak). Hickory, below average (less stable than Red Oak).
Durability: Combination of strength, hardness, toughness and stiffness found in no other commercial wood; exceedingly high in shock resistance.

Ash Flooring

Ash wears well and scratches and dents are less noticeable than in other species. There is a strong grain pattern in the Ash and this hides natural imperfections well. There is a lot of natural color variation, which gives it a livelier appearance than maple.

Ash Characteristics
Color & Grain: Heartwood is light tan to dark brown; sapwood is creamy white. Similar in appearance to white oak, but frequently more yellow. Bold, straight, moderately open grain with occasional wavy figuring. Can have strong contrast in grain in plainsawn boards.
Stability & Durability: Above average (more stable than Red Oak). Elastic, hard; excellent shock resistance. Remains smooth under friction.

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Find Your Floor

Finding the perfect floor for your home can be complicated. With the variety of woods, finishes, and products on the market today sometimes it is easier to start with what color you want your floor to be and choose the right product from there. Interested in a specific wood type or finish for your home, but still shopping for colors? Just browse our wood species.

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Monthly Specials

Our inventory constantly changes and each week we have special deals on gorgeous hardwood flooring. Please call us at 800.639.3006 to find out what specials we are running this week, or stop by our showroom at 929 West 1st Ave in Denver. We carry everything from traditional oak to modern cork flooring.

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