Macwoods Turns 30: A Look Back

January 25, 2016

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The MacDonald Hardwoods team is looking forward to a tremendous 2016.

MacDonald Hardwoods was founded in 1986 at their humble location at 929 West 1st Ave in central Denver as MacDonald Lumber Company, which operated as a liquidator of odd construction supplies from distributors closing out slow selling or discontinued products. Among these odds and ends, though, we began to receive some hardwood flooring. The Bruce Hardwood Flooring Company was born, offering at first waxed-type wood floors. In those days, the only advertising we could afford was in classified ads in the back the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News under the category “Building Materials”, but after posting an ad for Bruce Waxed Flooring, we discovered an interest in hardwood flooring. This was 1987.

MacDonald Hardwoods has been at the same location in Denver – 929 West 1st Ave – for 30 years.

Hardwood Flooring during this decade had taken a huge decline in interest, and the concept of prefinished hardwood flooring was nearly nonexistent. For several years, MacDonald Hardwoods sold primarily unfinished Oak flooring. This material required sanding and finishing after it was installed. We offered classes for sanding and finishing your own wood floors, which, though achievable, required a certain level of skill not easily acquired. Finally, by the early 1990’s a company by the name Harris Tarkett Flooring from Tennessee started to manufacture a prefinished product with polyurethane instead of the old high maintenance wax finishes. This was a game changer for MacDonald Hardwoods because all of our customers were Do-It-Yourself-ers. With this new technology, a customer/installer no longer had to worry about the technical and messy process of sanding and finishing. “Install it and live on it” was a coined phase MacDonald Hardwoods used when presenting a prefinished alternative to unfinished hardwood flooring. Accepting the new flooring technology didn’t come easy – Denver was a huge unfinished market. Avoiding the sand and finish process, ,though, gave the Do-It-Yourself-er a degree of comfort, knowing they could simply return the nail gun they rented for installation and live on their floors right away.

Many of our customers are and were dual income households with a newly purchased home that had old carpet or dated tile. During the growth of the hardwood industry through the 1990’s, MacDonald Hardwoods continued to innovate and source products that used the latest and greatest milling and finish technology. Due to a growing interest from customers not desiring to install their own floors, MacDonald Hardwoods developed a Professional Installation Division. All the same great customer service and quality product without the time and labor required to install their own floors.

At the turn of new Millennium, MacDonald Hardwoods had reached a ripe age of 14 years. During this period, Macwoods continued to seek out new technologies that would offer our customers the most cutting edge products for the most exceptional value. Though we were always working to get out of the shadow of the Big Box stores, we found ways to service and offer innovation to our customers that differentiated us. Like any building product, hardwood flooring has continued to evolve into wider widths, different wood species, and special treatments such as wire brushing, hand scraping, and fancy stain colors, including grays, blacks or even non-earth tone colors. The challenge for any industry is to stay up on the newest and best products that offer the greatest innovation.

Thirty years on, MacDonald Hardwoods continues to offer the same impeccable customer service and the finest products available. We have the old-school philosophy of visiting a showroom and discussing your options with a sales person filled with all the knowledge needed to make such a serious long-lasting decision.

MacDonald Hardwoods thanks all of the wonderful and passionate customers that have trusted our knowledge for three decades. As we pass the middle of the second decade of the Millennium, Macwoods sees great promise and looks forward to offering continued support for the entire shopping experience. Discover the experience that thousands of customers have enjoyed.

Colorado-owned, Colorado-operated for thirty years.MacDonald Hardwoods 30-year anniversary wreath