Top 7 Myths About Hardwood Floors Busted!

November 3, 2022

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There are a lot of myths out there about hardwood floors. Some people think they are too high maintenance, or that they are expensive to install. Others believe that they can only be used in certain rooms of the house.

In this blog post, we will debunk these myths and show you that hardwood floors are a great option for any room in your home!

Myth #1 – Hardwood Floors Are Difficult to Maintain

Contrary to what you may have heard, with a little regular care, hardwood floors will stay beautiful for many years. There are a few simple things you can do to keep your hardwood floors looking their best.

First, sweep or vacuum them regularly to remove dirt and dust. When sweeping, be sure to use a soft-bristled brush to avoid scratching the floor. Second, mop your hardwood floors regularly with a mild cleaning solution.

Be sure to dry the floor afterward to prevent water damage. Third, protect your hardwood floors from sunlight and furniture by using rugs or mats in high-traffic areas. We recommend the Easy Hardwood Floor Cleanerâ„¢ and the MacMopâ„¢.

Myth #2 – Hardwood Floors Are Only for High-End Homes

While this may have been true in the past, there are now many affordable options available when it comes to hardwood floors. You can find quality hardwood floors that fit your budget, no matter what type of home you live in or your personal style preferences.

Some popular choices for budget-friendly hardwood floors include engineered wood and laminate flooring. Engineered wood is made of several layers of wood, with the top layer being real wood. This type of flooring offers more durability and stain resistance than traditional wood flooring, while also being more affordable. Laminate flooring is made of composite wood and resin, which gives it a realistic look and feel similar to that of hardwood floors.

If you are looking for higher-end hardwood floors, there are options available as well. One popular choice is solid hardwood flooring, which offers the most natural look and feel of all types of hardwood floors. Solid wood floors are also extremely durable, and are able to withstand years of heavy foot traffic. Whatever your budget, you can find the perfect hardwood floors for your home!

Myth #3 – Hardwood Floors Cannot Be Used in Rooms with High Traffic

While it is true that there are some rooms in your home that are more suitable for hardwood floors than others, there are also many options available to help you get the look you want no matter what type of room you have.

For rooms with a lot of traffic, such as the kitchen or living room, you may want to opt for a thicker hardwood floor, or use laminate flooring instead. With so many choices available today when it comes to hardwood floors, there is no reason why you can’t have the look you want in any room of your home!

Myth #4 – Hardwood Floors Are Too Expensive

While it is true that high-quality hardwood flooring can be more expensive than other types of flooring, such as laminate or vinyl, there are also many great options available that are both affordable and stylish.

If you are looking for an extremely budget-friendly option, consider engineered wood flooring or laminate flooring. These types of floors look very similar to real hardwood floors but can be much more affordable.

If you are willing to spend a bit more on your hardwood floors, you can opt for solid wood flooring or parquet flooring. Both styles of flooring offer the most natural look and feel of all types of hardwood floors, but can also be more costly. One of the best parts about hardwood flooring is that it increases the value of your home. Think of the money you put into your floors as an investment, rather than a cost!

Myth #5: You Have to Refinish Your Hardwood Floors Every Few Years

There are now many options available for protecting your hardwood floors from wear and tear. One popular choice is a polyurethane coating, which helps to seal and protect your floors from damage caused by heavy foot traffic or spills.

Another way to extend the life of your hardwood floors is to use area rugs in high-traffic areas. This will help protect your floors from scratches or dents, and also helps keep your home looking stylish and organized! For more tips on keeping your hardwood floors looking beautiful, check out our recent post on the topic.

Myth #6: You Need a Lot of Space to Install Hardwood Flooring

While it is true that traditional hardwood floors can take up more floor space than other types of flooring, such as laminate or vinyl, there are now many options available for those with smaller spaces.

Let’s say you’re looking to install hardwood floors in a smaller space, such as a small room or entryway, opt for engineered wood flooring instead. Engineered wood flooring is more flexible than solid wood flooring, and can easily be installed in tight spaces without sacrificing the look you want.

And of course, if you are looking to install hardwood floors in a large space, such as your living room or dining room, you can easily find the perfect style of flooring for your space. When it comes to hardwood floors, the options are nearly endless.

Myth #7 – Hardwood Floors Can Only Be Installed on a Perfectly Level Surface

Many homeowners opt for engineered wood flooring, which can easily be installed over an uneven or slightly sloped surface. This type of flooring comes with a layer of plywood that is able to bend and flex across a range of surfaces.

If you are worried about the surface level of your floor or want to make sure that you get the look you want, consider using one of these tips when choosing and installing your hardwood floors:

Check with your contractor or interior designer for advice on choosing the right type of flooring for your space
Use a level to make sure that your floors are installed correctly and evenly
Add a layer of padding to help even out any uneven areas on your floor

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, there are many myths associated with hardwood floors that simply aren’t true. Whether you have a small space or a large space that you want to install hardwood floors in, there is an option available to meet your needs and budget. So don’t be afraid to explore all of your options when it comes to hardwood flooring – you’ll be amazed by all the great styles and options available!

If you’re in the Denver area in need of hardwood floors, get in contact with MacDonald Hardwoods today! We have a wide selection of flooring options available and can help you find the perfect floors for your home or office space.