Granite, Quartz, and Marble: Explore Your Kitchen Countertop Choices

August 1, 2018

Posted in macstaff

Whether you choose granite, quartz, or marble — your kitchen countertop will have a significant impact on the style and functionality of your home. So, before deciding which material you want, go through these points; ask yourself, what is the final look I want?

Do you want a smooth, luxurious look or do you want something more casual? How much effort do you want to put in cleaning? Do you often host parties at home or do you rarely cook? These questions will help you decide if your countertop for your should be more luxurious or functional.

Home decor is about the mix of the latest trends with classic choices that can frequently be changed, but it is rare that people change or upgrade their kitchen that often. Your countertop is a long run investment, and therefore it has to be compatible with the many coming years.

Countertops are exposed to all kinds of substances, both organic and artificial, like water, salt, and detergents; this makes it crucial for them to be durable and enduring. Most common choices that people make are granite, quartz, and marble. Before making a decision, it is good to know the qualities of them all.

Choice #1: Granite Kitchen Countertops

The most preferred choice for countertops, granite is available in many colors like pink, brown, black, grey and even red. The material is most suited for people who want to opt only natural materials. This natural rock is found around the world and is known for its unique character and beauty. Granite has excellent resistance to heat and cold and is lightly porous to absorb some liquid.

However, this might result in getting stains easily on the light granites, but dark granite would be safe from that. Granite countertops are hard and do not break easily, which makes them an excellent long-term choice.

Choice #2: Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Although not a natural material, quartz is the closest humanmade material to them. Quartz gets its color from a resin binder combined with colorants. Quartz is quite similar to granite. One advantage that it has over granite is that it is a human-made material and offers a higher range of color choices; this gives you extensive choices even to combine and match with many other elements. The best property of this material is that it is non- porous and does not absorb any liquid, which makes quartz countertops look clean and new for a more extended period.

Choice #3: Marble Kitchen Countertops

If you want to go out of the way with style and opt for exceptional color choices like greens and grey, then marble is your ideal choice. A marble worktop gives a more furnished look, but at the same time, it requires great caution. It is soft and easily breakable. Marbles are also more porous, which can result in difficult-to-remove stains. Hence, marble countertops are often a decent choice for people who rarely indulge in cooking.

It can be concluded that the choice for your kitchen countertop depends primarily on your lifestyle. Yes, the look matters but it is mostly the functionality and the physical properties of the material that we should consider before making a potentially lifelong decision — Much like choosing the right hardwood floors.