Families with Young Children Prefer Hardwood Flooring

October 10, 2018

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Hardwood flooring is very popular. Its timeless elegance offers a multitude of benefits. When entering the front door of a family home for the first time, the sight of wood flooring automatically communicates a feeling of warmth and stability. While an attractive home is important, we also want our children to be safe. For practicality, we tend to keep porcelain figurines and delicate accessories out of reach and, we make interior décor choices according to durability and maintenance requirements.

For these reasons and others, families with young children find that installing wood flooring makes life much easier. Let’s look at some of the reasons hardwood flooring is a family’s best choice.

1. Unless you plan to lock your children out of the house, you will see them running in and out of the house to get a drink, warm up and use the bathroom; often without removing their dirt-crusted shoes. While putting a mat at the doors will help, it will not eliminate the mud and snow that would potentially destroy a carpet. It only takes a few minutes to wipe every trace of mud from your hardwood floor.

2. Try as you may to keep the children’s drinks and food at the table, there will be those occasional times when popsicles and drinks will end up in a puddle on the floor. This would be a disaster on carpeting but it only requires a quick clean-up with hardwood flooring. The secret to keeping floors stain-free is enjoying the quick and easy clean-up of hardwood flooring.

3. Raising a family usually means raising one or more pets along the way. Just like young children, young pets take time to learn how to control their bodily functions. There will undoubtedly be a few instances of spilled water bowls, muddy paws, and accidents on the floor. Carpeting is not very forgiving; pet stains and odors may be there to stay. With hardwood flooring, powerful pet odors will disappear immediately with a speedy clean-up.

4. A child’s room is his or her place of refuge. If your daughter likes pink and lace this year, it is a safe bet that she will hate it next year. Changing the color of the carpeting, draperies, bedding, and accessories every time children reach a new stage will create an unreasonable expense. If their rooms feature hardwood flooring, they can create a whole new look with just a new area rug and some updated accessories. Children’s bedrooms that feature hardwood flooring are easier to adapt to the latest craze.

5. When you invest in hardwood flooring, you can expect it to last longer than any other option. When minor scratches and dents begin to show, a fresh clear coat finish will restore it to the grand luster you’ve grown to love. After many years of wear, you may sand it down and refinish the wood at a fraction of the cost of new carpeting. Hardwood flooring is elegant and beautiful and it is the most durable, long-lasting flooring available.

Raising a family is not easy. Installing hardwood flooring throughout your home will protect all of you from the normal pace of life ruining your interior décor. As the years go by, versatility, durability, and easy maintenance increases the practical value of hardwood flooring and its timeless beauty will amaze your guests for years to come. If you have any questions about the advantages that hardwood flooring provides, call on the experts at MacDonald Hardwoods at 303.625.9780 or email.