Discovering the Beauty of Oak Wood Floors

March 20, 2018

Posted in macstaff

Oak FlooringAre you thinking of replacing the carpet in your home with hardwood floors? Consider the natural beauty and warmth of oak wood as your new flooring choice. In a recent survey of designers across the country, Oak came out on top as the favorite of 43% of them.  At MacDonald Hardwoods, you will find wide variety and selection of oak floors that will make a lovely impression when you enter a room. Let our Denver flooring company explain to you why oak is the best choice to use when deciding which hardwood flooring to use in areas of your home.

Wood flooring is a commonly selected as an upgrade from carpet that visually expands the size of a space and adds an increased value to your property should you need to sell your home in the future. Oak flooring, with its fine grain finish, has a timeless quality that is complimentary to any style or theme already present in your home. Its durability and clean lines also make it an ideal choice for any size home.

There are many benefits of oak floors, including that they:

  • Are eco-friendly
  • Are a thermal insulator
  • Reduce heating costs
  • Are easy to maintain and clean
  • Have a long lifespan
  • Are durable and easy to restore

Oak is an eco-friendly sustainable wood with a carbon footprint that is considerably less that other types of flooring options. This factor is important when selecting what type of hardwood to install in your home. An eco-friendly option will ultimately save on excess carbon emissions in the environment, resulting in a reduction of your monthly heating costs.

Highly resistant to moisture and easy to stain, oak is a popular choice for a durable solid wood surface with a long lifespan. A preferred choice for musicians, this flooring will add depth to the acoustics of a room, is very comfortable under foot, and adds a lovely aroma to a space.

Oak flooring is a wonderful option to use in any or all the rooms in your home. MacDonald Flooring is a leader of hardwood, tile, and vinyl flooring. Contact us today at 800-639-3006 to discuss the wide variety of selections and styles for your home’s flooring update!