5 Reasons Hardwood Flooring Can Make Your Home More Child-Friendly

October 15, 2020

Posted in macstaff

These days, hardwood flooring is a popular choice to create a timelessness elegance in any space. However, if you have children, there are an extra set of considerations you may need to think about before simply opting for a style you find aesthetically pleasing.

Hardwood flooring can sometimes be a little more temperamental than other floor surfaces such as tiles and carpet. While it’s an impossible task to keep any style of floor immaculate with children around – spills, muddy footprints and general play are all par for the course, right? –  certain hardwood flooring can be impacted by children much more than the other options.

That said, hardwood flooring can be the perfect addition to your family home (and can actually make it more child-friendly), especially if you make the right decision from the outset.

Here are the top 5 reasons you should consider hardwood flooring in your family home.

Some Hardwood Flooring Can Be More Durable Than Other Flooring Options

Durability is key when you have kids around, so choosing a wood that will stand the test your children put them through is essential.

Bamboo offers many benefits in this department; the perfect balance between stamina and style. While Bamboo has a similar appearance to timber, it is actually a harder substance, meaning that when the kids forget that the house isn’t their personal playground, there is less chance the floors will be scratched. Furthermore, bamboo is resistant to stains. Perfect for the inevitable spills that your little darlings will send its way!

But bamboo isn’t your only option. There are a number of durable hardwood flooring options which may be a good choice for you. Here’s a hot tip: before you set your sights on a wood you just love, check its Janka rating which will tell you just how durable it is. If it’s low, say no!

Lighter-Toned Woods can Disguise Dirt

You wouldn’t be alone if you thought that darker-colored woods would be perfect for hiding dirt, dust and debris. However, when it comes to hardwood flooring, the opposite applies. 

Light-colored hardwoods such as cherry or oak are a couple of options to consider for the family home because they minimize the appearance of dust and brighten up your living space. Certain light-colored options will help you maintain that effortless look without spending hours cleaning, which is a definite bonus when you’re too busy with the kids or you forgot it was your turn to host your family summer cookout!

Hardwood Floors Are Less Likely to Stain Than Carpets

With the kids running amok and that cup of juice sitting precariously close to the table’s edge, it won’t be long before it comes crashing down and spills all over your floor. This is where hardwood flooring really comes into its own, basking in its child-friendly glory! Unlike carpet, wooden floors are much less likely to stain. Simply wipe up the mess to remove any remnants of the accident!

Hardwood Floors Are a Healthier Alternative

Carpet and thick rugs collect dirt and food scraps like sponges. With hardwood floors, there are no worries that your little ones will be exposed to harmful substances trapped in the floor beneath them. After all, for most children, the floor is where they spend most of their playtime, so carpets provide the perfect breeding ground for them to get sick; hardwood flooring virtually eliminates that issue.

Not only this, hardwood floors are also a great alternative for children who suffer from allergies since they are less likely to collect pesky pollens or animal fur. If health and safety are a concern for you, hardwood floors are a great non-toxic choice for your family.

Hardwood Floors Are Easy To Clean

Let’s face it, life with kids means endlessly cleaning up after them. With that said, making decorating decisions to make clean up easier is definitely something that all parents should be thinking about. Enter, hardwood flooring.

Although hardwood flooring does come with a set of maintenance requirements, when it comes to cleaning up spills quickly, this versatile flooring option comes out on top. Unlike with carpet, you won’t be reaching for that hot bucket of water and a myriad of cleaning products when your little ones drop their cereal on the way to the table. You can simply wipe up the mess with a paper towel and run a slightly damp sponge over the area to remove any sticky residue. Easy!