Wood Floors are a Favorite for Every Generation

August 18, 2018

Posted in Joshua Chapman

A young couple buys their first home just as they are growing from two to three. What personal touches will they add to make the house a warm and loving home? They replace the stained wood flooring with a wide plank blonde hickory. It will make the room seem more spacious and the color will change over time from exposure to the light.

As the baby grows, he learns to crawl then walk. The warm stable flooring gives him the perfect surface to build with his blocks and roll his ball. It is easy to keep the floor clean with minimal effort. It is easy to monitor what’s on the floor. No need to worry about pieces hiding in the carpet. Yes, this was a good idea.

A few years later, the boy and his sister have fun running and sliding on the floor in their socks. They race from side to side in a competition to see who can slide the furthest. Of course Mom is not quite as excited about it.

As they take on chores, he drops the whole bowl of pasta onto the floor. Not a problem, it’s easy to clean up. No stains, no sticky mess. Wipe it up and it’s forgotten.

Time for a tween party. The table gets moved aside and now they have a dance floor. “Is this what they call music?” Mom says to herself. At least they’re having fun.

“Please don’t throw that ball in the house! How many times do I have to tell you?” Isn’t this the same boy she was delighted to play catch with in this very same room?

Off to college they go. The dining table turns into a sewing table. She patiently crafts new draperies and dresses. The wooden floor makes it easy to see any stray pins and cleans up quickly.

Sitting down to a formal dinner, they get to know her special friend. The new Persian rug contrasts nicely against the hickory floor. The new artwork and accessories make the room seem brand new.

The ladies come over for a meeting to organize the spring fundraiser. “Who can we get to speak?” “What type of activities should be plan?” This fundraiser is very important to our community.

Grandmother is having trouble taking care of herself. It’s time for her to move in. The family is glad to have the opportunity to care for her as she had taken care of them. Sitting by the window, she enjoys the warm sunlight. It’s easy for her to use her walker on the hardwood floors.

An engagement party? It seems just yesterday that they were just moving in and dreaming about what the future might hold. They have raised a family here with love and kindness. Somehow it doesn’t seem real.

Throughout their lives their hearts have grown closer within these walls. There are few things in life that seem to be good decisions in hindsight. Nonetheless, the warm cozy feeling created by these wood floors leaves no doubt.