Where Can I Buy Exotic Wood Species?

July 19, 2017

Posted in macstaff

For many home-improvement or artistic products that require wood, a trip to a nearby lumber yard marks the beginning and end of the work. However, there are certain projects where one or more qualities of an exotic wood species, like the color, grain, or texture, make it a necessity. If you’re wondering, “where can I buy exotic wood?” the answer is that it can be a bit more difficult than finding common wood species. But if you’re willing to drive a bit, or pay money for shipping, there are many ways to find exotic wood for sale. Here’s a quick run-through of the steps you’ll want to take to acquire high-quality exotic wood.

1. Local Sellers

If you can find a seller of exotic wood near you, you’ll save on either time or shipping costs. Do a quick search for distributors nearby that carry exotic wood, and even if it’s a bit of a drive, it’s worth it to be able to inspect the slabs or pieces yourself. It’s also worth checking if anybody in your town or area owns a portable saw mill. Typically, people with portable saw mills will mill logs for individuals or companies. By talking to them and asking about past clients, you can get a good idea of who to purchase exotic wood from.

2. Visit Hardware Stores

Hardware chains that carry standard lumber, such as the Home Depot, as well as local hardware stores that supply lumber, can be a source you use to find exotic wood sellers. In most cases, the stores you visit in this manner won’t have the type of exotic wood you need. However, they are certainly in contact with lumber distributors, and through these connections they can often point you towards a distributor that sells exotic wood.

3. Check Craiglist and Similar Platforms

Sites like Craigslist, which you can search for individuals or small businesses that fit your needs, are a great resource to find exotic woods. Simply look for wood millers or woodworkers near you, and find one that has the required equipment and knowledge. Even if they don’t have the type of wood you want on hand, they probably have the connections to acquire it that you lack. There will often be additional costs to get the wood to the millers, but this is often cheaper than working with a large distributor, and this way you help out a local business.

4. Order Online

You can purchase almost anything online today, and exotic wood is no exception. On wood distributor sites or platforms like Amazon, search the type of wood you need and you’ll almost certainly see options that can be shipped to you. However, buying online can often result in significant shipping charges, but if you have the money to spend, it’s extremely convenient. The only other downside is that when buying online you have little choice in selecting the stock–you get what you get. Because of this, it’s best to check other options first if you’re very particular about your work.

In short, the answer to the question, “where can I buy exotic wood?” is that there are a variety of sources, but the best advice is to ask around. Start with local distributors or lumberyards and branch outward, and if the sources you find don’t carry the type of wood you need, ask them of distributors that may carry it. Finally, nearly any type of wood can be bought online, but due to shipping costs, this should be a last resort unless you’re willing to spend a bit extra.