Top 6 Hardwood Flooring Trends To Consider For Your Next Renovation 

September 27, 2019

Posted in macstaff


When it comes to interior design, hardwood flooring will always be a timeless classic. Since this option never goes out of style and is highly versatile, hardwood floors are a great way to add value to your home and completely transform the feeling of any room, while also supporting an environmentally friendly resource.

 So, to help you create the perfect look during your next home makeover, we have compiled a list of 6 of the hottest hardwood flooring trends right now.


1)     Simplicity is Key

In terms of design, there is no doubting that less is more. This sentiment is especially true in the case of hardwood floors. At the moment, many designers are going back to basics, focusing on laying same-size planks in a unified direction, as opposed to multi-sized cuts or patterned lays. While this traditional placement offers a simple aesthetic, it also creates a sleek and clean appearance that will tie any room together. 

Furthermore, simplicity in your flooring allows for versatility when it comes to styling. The cleaner or simpler appearance of the floors, the more creative you can become with your décor. A simple floor pattern also enables you to easily switch up your furniture or other furnishings.

Although fun or unique patterns are intriguing they can also be quite distracting. Intricate floor designs can overwhelm a space and even make a room feel cluttered. Therefore, opting for a simple flooring pattern will actually expand the possibilities of your design.


2)     Darker Toned Woods

Over the past few years, color trends have moved towards darker tones. It’s easy to see why this trend has emerged; darker colors look elegant and luxurious, creating an expensive feel. But that’s not all, dark woods provide a modern feel and are often easier to style than lighter tones, since darker tones will suit anything from dark furnishings to lighter kitchen cabinets. 


3)     Whitewashed Floors

The whitewashed look is reminiscent of a Californian vibe and is now trending throughout the country. Creating a relaxed beachy look, this kind of flooring undergoes a bleaching or blanching process to strip-back the natural tone of the wood. But before you worry that you’ll end up ruining your boards, this process only places stain over the wood’s surface. The wood grain is still visible underneath the whitewash, so this color will not lose the charm of the natural material.

Whitewashed wood works to add brightness and create a feeling of openness, which means this type of wood is perfect for areas in which you want to create a more homely feel such as the kitchen or the living area.  As a more contemporary option, whitewash can help add some interest and personality to your home.


4)     Distressed or Aged Look

The aged flooring style has been around for a while but has recently experienced a surge in popularity. To create the ‘slightly worn’ look this finish undergoes an artificial aging process. This style is perfect if you are wanting to create a rustic aesthetic as this finish accentuates a feeling of homeliness and warmth. 


5)     Greige Wood Floors

A mix between gray and beige, it appears ‘greige’ is a popular flooring trend. This blended color captures the best of both worlds as it combines the minimalist feel of grey with the warmth of beige. It is fairly adaptable, pairing well with different décor styles and easily blending from indoor to outdoor kitchen and entertaining designs. Whether you’re after a more modern look or a rustic country style, greige is a highly complementary choice.

With its unique color, greige flooring can completely change the dynamic of a room. The light neutral tone of this wood can brighten an area and provide a comforting relaxing feeling.


6)     High Variation Hardwood

If you’re looking for something a bit different, then check out high variation floors. With the range of flooring technology available, it’s now easier than ever to make your floor look truest to its original state. Essentially, high variation floors echo the sentiment that in nature, no two pieces of wood are the same. As such, manufacturers are now able to replicate this natural effect in their flooring.  Within your home, this varied look can work to combine aspects of modern and rustic designs.  

Whatever trend you decide to select, remember that hardwood floors are a lifetime investment. As they are highly versatile and adaptable, hardwood floors not only suit any lifestyle but also enhance the appearance of your home.