Tips for Cleaning Your New Hardwood Floors

March 6, 2019

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Hardwood floors are often the most attractive feature in any room. Hardwood flooring in good condition can add warmth to your home and contribute to the total value of the house; keeping hardwood floors in good condition, however, is vital to bringing out the glowing qualities that make this true.

At MacDonald Hardwoods, a Denver hardwood flooring company, we understand what an asset hardwood floors can be. We also understand that flooring is often subject to constant dirt and grime, sliding furniture, and the scuffling paws of household pets. In order to help protect your hardwood flooring, we provide Denver customers the safe and effective wood floor cleaning products and also offer the following tips.

A Matter of Maintenance

We realize that the majority of maintenance for hardwood floors is done by the homeowner. For this reason, we provide easy-to-use cleaning products that are fast and efficient. A regular cleaning routine is a key to keeping the floor free from dirt and other materials that can potentially scratch the finish. Our MacDonald Hardwood Floor MacVac is the perfect tool for quick removal of this kind of debris.

Protection Where It Counts

Wood floor cleaning is also about prevention. We recommend:

  • Placing mats and rugs over high-traffic areas of the house such as hallways and entrances.
  • Placing small pieces of felt padding beneath all surfaces that come in contact with the wood, as this can prevent accidental scratches caused by inadvertently shifting furniture.
  • Cleaning all spills as soon as they occur and maintaining everyday dust with a robotic vacuum.
  • Maintaining a relative humidity between 45% to 55% saturation to prevent swelling, shrinking, or cracking in the flooring.

Our MacDonalds Hardwoods Easy Floor Cleaner will assist in quickly removing damaging liquids while restoring the protective finish in the area.

Knowledge is Power

Our specialists are able to assist customers with every aspect of the maintenance and cleaning of their wood flooring. From cleaning product recommendations to environmental risk factors, our knowledgeable staff is always available for assistance. Call MacDonald Hardwoods at 800-639-3006 for more valuable tips and training on how to take care of your hardwood floors.