Should You Install Your Own Hardwood Floors?

October 21, 2017

Posted in macstaff

Deciding which type of wood flooring to put in your home can be difficult today, especially with all of the available choices, styles, finishes and colors to choose from. However, once you’ve tackled the dilemma of which type of wood flooring to purchase, you’re now faced with another major decision of whether you should install your own hardwood floors or hire a professional.

While certain floors can be fairly easy to install, often people watch online videos demonstrating the ease of doing it yourself without considering other factors involved before diving into the process.


First you should do some of your own research and gain as much knowledge about the process as you can to make it easier on yourself. Know the type of flooring you will be installing. Is it a solid or engineered wood? Will you nail, staple or glue it down or will it be a floating installation? Take time in researching and planning. Consider getting advice and tips from a knowledgeable salesperson at MacDonald Hardwoods when you purchase your flooring. The expert staff provides training classes free of charge for customers. They are also available to answer your questions and address your concerns.


Consider all of the costs involved in doing the project yourself and the possibility of having to purchase additional tools that you may never use again. Installation of hardwood flooring will require you to have certain specialized tools such as a circular saw to do the cutting so make a list of the tools needed and the cost involved in purchasing them. Depending on the type of wood flooring you are installing you may need such things as a nail gun, rubber mallet, miter saw, trowel for the adhesive, and nails or staples. You also might want to think about how comfortable you are with handling and using these tools. For some, time is money. Think about the time it will take for you to install it compare to hiring a professional contractor.

Subfloor Preparation

Consider the existing flooring. Will you be removing tile, carpet, vinyl, or any other existing flooring? Is your existing subfloor ready for hardwood? Is the floor squeaky? Consider the type and condition of your subfloor and whether or not it may need leveling or preparation prior to the installation of your new wood floors. Proper preparation is the key to a successful installation. Look at the overall shape of the room and whether the walls are perfectly square and where adjustments may have to be made. Carefully plan your room layout to avoid cutting small unsightly wedge-shaped pieces.

Sometimes the money you think you may save may not be worth the hassle. Once you have considered all of these factors, the ultimate decision is yours. Whether you are considering installing your wood floor yourself or hiring a professional, the experienced staff at MacDonald

Hardwoods can assist you by hiring expert installers for you or teaching you how to install your solid hardwood or engineered hardwood flooring yourself (including equipment rental). Still undecided? Come down to the MacDonald Hardwoods showroom. The expert staff will help you understand what is involved for your floor and recommend the best course of action.