5 Meditation Room Decor Ideas to Help You Get Your Zen On

December 28, 2018

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Designing a meditation room in your home is a great way to gain peace of mind. You can create a designated space to relax in and get your zen on! Meditating is no longer only reserved for traditional monks and those who have a passion for the new age lifestyle. Meditation has proven mental and physical benefits and now is popular in cultures around the world. With the right meditation room decor ideas, bring the ambiance you truly desire while relaxing and unwinding to life.

#1: Choose Your Meditation Room Colors Wisely

Selecting the colors for your meditation room is one of the first steps to take when you are designing a space that is genuinely welcoming, calming, and inviting. When you are looking to create an area in your home that you consider to be your retreat, avoid flashy and bright colors or distracting patterns that make it difficult to concentrate and zone out.

Some of the most popular earth-tone colors to go with when designing a meditation space include:

  • Neutrals: Beige, Eggshell, Light Brown, Dark Browns
  • Grey: A variety of grey shades work with a wide range of accent colors
  • Colors: Rust orange, Hunter green, Navy blue, Cerulean blue, Eggplant, Berry, Blush

Meditation Pillows Bright Colors

If you are interested in using a bright color scheme, consider these before making your selection:

  • Berry/Hot Pink with Grey/Dark Brown/Burgandy
  • Grey with: Rust Orange, Teal, Purple, Pink, Deep Red
  • Teal with: White, Eggshell, Grey
  • Yellow: Dark brown, Dark grey
  • Purple: Deep orange, Earthy browns
  • Orange: Eggshell, Dark Grey, Dark Brown, Medium Brown

Browse online communities such as Pinterest to brainstorm color schemes for your meditation room based on your personality and the type of decor you enjoy implementing throughout your home. Search for keywords such as “bohemian,” “boho,” “meditation ideas,” “Indian decor,” and other relevant phrases that are most appealing to you for the best results.

#2: Eliminate Distractions

Eliminate all distractions from your meditation room including televisions, tablets, and other electronic devices. Distractions keep us from focusing, especially when trying to relax. Minimize the amount of clutter you have in your meditation room to prevent yourself from feeling bogged down and overwhelmed each time you enter the space. Clear the floor and walls of excess clutter or belongings that are just not fitting for the atmosphere you want to create.

Create as much open space as possible with your meditation room. Clean or remove cluttered bookshelves and instead, opt for window plants or decor that is peaceful and meshes well with the color scheme you have chosen. Avoid clutter that is loud or distracting while you concentrate.

#3: Consider Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Floors Meditation Room

If you have the option to select the flooring throughout your meditation room, consider opting for hardwood floors. Hardwood floors provide an earthy, yet natural aesthetic appeal to spaces designated to meditation and unwinding. Choose a dark, grounding, calming wooden floor if you are looking for an aesthetic that is peaceful and optimal for nurturing transcendental experiences. Hardwood floors are also ideal if you are interested in utilizing seat cushions and meditation mats that require a flat and level surface for desired results.

#4: The Importance of Versatile Lighting

Lighting is essential for a meditation space, regardless of the size of your room or the number of windows you have available. Use blackout curtains or drapes that can be easily opened or closed depending on the type of lighting you prefer during your meditation each morning or evening. Choose lights on a dimmer that allow more versatility when creating an atmosphere based on your mood each time you meditate. Avoid using stark white lights or fluorescent lighting in your meditation room if you want to maintain a calm and inviting ambiance at all times.

#5: Incense, Candles, and Popular Decor for Meditation Spaces

Choose Candles, Incense, and Items That Appeal to You

Spend time comparing incense and candle scents that are most appealing and calming to you. Choose scents that are not overly distracting but provide a sense of peace, especially during a meditation session. Search for aromatherapy scents for additional relaxation, optimal during a deep or guided meditation. Tapestries, rugs, and throw pillows all create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere when designing your personal meditation room. Consider the type of cushions or the seating arrangement that works best for the space you intend to use.

Taking the time to plan for your meditation room decor with the right color scheme, decor, and overall aesthetic is a way to remain encouraged and motivated to incorporate meditation each day in your daily routine. With the right look and feel in your meditation room, unwind and gain peace of mind whenever you need to let go of your troubles.