Is There a Perfect Time to Install Our New Hardwood Floor?

June 28, 2021

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Is There a Perfect Time to Install Our New Hardwood Flooring?


You may be asking yourself this question, and every home is different. The summer can be a great month for some families because the kids are out of school, and schedules aren’t as hectic. Other families like to plan their new floor installation around their finances. It’s common to pick a date, like in the spring, and then save in small chunks for new prefinished hardwood flooring.

So is there a perfect time to install your new hardwood flooring? Nope! MacDonald Hardwoods offers pre-finished hardwoods options only. This significantly speeds up installation times and requires no sanding or staining in your home, meaning you can get started at any time. 


Why Try Our Hardwood Flooring?


1) Speed

Opting for our floors will significantly expedite the application time in comparison to unfinished hardwood, as the steps that generally follow placing down the flooring are eliminated as they were completed prior.

2) Minimal Mess

Installing our flooring is a process that produces much less of a mess than traditional flooring, as many of the necessary steps, such as, staining, sanding, and coating have already been done prior and won’t have to be done on-site.

3) Durability, Versatility and Quality

Our floor type provides an unmatched hard, durable finish, allowing them to last well beyond your years if maintained properly. Unfinished floors are not as sturdy, as only minimal amounts of sealant are generally added to them. The potential of application is also versatile, as our floors can be directly applied to a variety of subflooring.


Try Our New Floor Year-Round!


Because of these amazing benefits associated with our prefinished hardwood flooring options listed above, they’re suited to be installed anytime throughout the year, so you don’t have to wait. Meanwhile, un-finished hardwood flooring is often limited to being installed in the fall. Due to the porosity of this kind of wood, they often absorb too much moisture in the summer months. This results in the swelling of the wood. In the winter, the dryness poses another issue, as it often causes the boards to shrink.

Waiting for a good portion of the year to pass isn’t optimal for many buyers, therefore choosing our pre-finished floors is the best way to go!