Home Decor Tips For This Summer

May 16, 2019

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Summer is just around the corner. People are shedding their winter coats and reaching for cut-offs. With summer comes socializing. We have friends and family over for cookouts and patio parties. Just as we spruce ourselves up for the sunny skies, we take a good look at our homes to see if they are summer ready.

Whether you live in a Denver home or in a more affordable city like Milwaukee, Wisconsin, let’s look at some easy ways to update your home decor in time for the summer months.

Let There Be Light!

We naturally want to let sunlight in through the windows. Maybe you spent the winter months with flowing drapes, colorful wool throws, and a fire in the fireplace. Of course, you are going to pack away the blankets and clean out the fireplace. But, while you are doing that, take down those drapes.

The windows in our homes are very important. We use a great deal of time and a great deal of money to have efficient and beautiful windows. Then we drive to the closest department stores and buy curtains. Here is a tip. If you just must buy drapes, have them custom made to fit your windows. They will look better and last a lot longer. But, you may consider buying custom blinds instead.

Why would custom blinds work so well? Because the trend today (and for many years to come) is to place hardwood floors instead of carpet. Buy custom blinds to match your hardwood floors and your home looks like a model home. Everything fits perfectly.

As for the fireplace, you can buy a pretty decorative screen to block off the fireplace. But, if you want to be a bit more creative, place some iron candle holders in the fireplace. Stagger them in different heights and sizes. Large candles draw attention to the eye when they are unlit. Lighting them gives your room a romantic glow with the flames flickering in the dark area.

sitting on chair painting portraits
photo credit: Aleksandr Slobodianyk

Wall Galleries

In the 1970s people decorated their walls with framed photos of their family. Then the world went “arts and crafts” nuts and our memories were being replaced with cross-stitched pictures, sun hats with flowers and lace hot glued to them and roosters. We don’t know how roosters became a home decor fashion statement, but they did.

Now, family photos have made their way to the halls once again. They may be hung with “word art” but they are being hung. Here is a really cool twist to this idea. The days of average people going to an artist to sit for a painting are no more. But, now you can select your favorite photograph of your family, a loving grandparent who has passed away or even a little baby. You send it to the artists. They upload the photo and paint you a beautiful oil painting on canvas. You can make this portrait the focal point of the room. Other options include watercolors, pencil, and chalk. Click here for more information, just give it a try.

kitchen with wood floors


It is perfectly fine to put down an area rug to protect your hardwood floors, but if you want to keep up with the trend, hardwood flooring is a must.


The days of all white kitchens have finally slipped away. If you just changed your kitchen to that look, you can rescue yourself with black accessories. Black and white are holding for a while. Shaker cabinets have been the top of the line cabinetry for decades. They were designed to be high quality with no maintenance and understated beauty. They were created in the 1800s by a group of religious members of the same name.

You can order your RTA cabinets with open fronts or some with glass doors. There is no wrong way to use Shaker cabinets.

Get away from the white walls. Pastels are trending this year in colors like yellow, baby blue, and green. You will not see shiny paint this year. Matte is where it’s at. Matte finishes on cabinets and countertops. As for countertops, the going thing is concrete. The colors are up to you. Gray, black, steel blue or green looks good as long as they are (you guessed it) painted with a matte finish.

Trends for kitchens and bathrooms include the vessel sink with chrome faucets. When you have a pretty vessel sink, it quickly becomes the focal point of the room.


There is always a need for plants in the house. But, 2019 will push away from the rainforest in the kitchen and bath. A few plants (hanging) is great. A small herb garden in the kitchen? Awesome. Other than that, place your vegetation on the patio.


Buy a summer duvet cover. Place a matching rug on the floor. Use what you have learned about window treatments and add wall mirrors.

patio furniture outside
photo credit: Marianne



Place an indoor/outdoor rug on your patio. Use the extra space to plant a few of your favorite veggies or berries.

As you can see, there are many ways to update your home for warmer months. Get started now, and you will be ready in plenty of time. Your home will have the wow factor that you dream of.