Anticipated Hardwood Flooring Trends for 2022

February 1, 2022

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As 2021 comes to an end, so too starts a new year. Hopefully we all have some goals in place. Since many people are spending lots of their time indoors, remodeling projects and home sales have skyrocketed. Many people are investing in comfortable living. There are some labor shortages and supply chain challenges, however, the flooring industry is expecting roughly 3-8% in growth for the year even in the face of all the uncertainty in the current global market situation.

With 2022 comes tons of opportunities for new flooring trends. This blog post will cover everything that is anticipated to happen this year in the flooring industry.

Let’s get started.

Bold and Varied Colors

Varied Hardwood

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Rustic Textures

What does rustic really mean? It’s actually a pretty broad term that a variety of different designs fall into. In this context, it describes a rough, aged, casual, and natural feel.

Rustic designs used to be a thing in the past but their popularity died down. Now, it’s back again! Rustic textures like wire-brushed, distressed planks, and hand-scraped planks are what we are seeing being used the most.

They have a unique beauty that can be easily appreciated by anyone. What’s cool about distressed planks in particular is that the dents and scrapes point towards a life in the past which adds a lot of personality to the room.

Rustic Hardwood

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Engineered Wood

It was popular last year and it will be popular this year, too. The closest thing that you can get to natural and solid hardwood is engineered hardwood. There is actually a very thin hardwood veneer layer that goes on top of the fiberboard or plywood, which is man-made. A great bonus of engineered wood is its durability since it’s technically real wood.

Oftentimes, the veneer is UV-cured which makes the floor more durable and stronger compared to the real thing. Therefore, it’s much less likely to take on any scratches, dings, and dents, even in popular places in your home where it sees the most use. In addition to that, engineered wood has much more resistance to moisture than natural and solid hardwood.

It’s ready when it comes out of the box and it’s very easy for homeowners to install themselves if they choose to do so. It doesn’t require any extra finishing/refinishing. It’s affordable, and best of all, engineered wood looks great with almost anything.

Engineered Wood

Source: Forbes

Bleach or Whitewashed Floors

Bleach and whitewashed floors are extremely popular. They go best in contemporary spaces where a smooth, wide, and light hardwood floor goes perfectly with the theme. Over time, hardwoods naturally will develop a patina and darken when they age, however, with floors that have been whitewashed or bleached, this doesn’t happen.

Lighter wood is known for brightening up spaces while providing a relaxed vibe. The floor appears less occupied and therefore works especially well in a minimalist theme. It complements quiet and subdued spaces while also acting as the backdrop for a more vibrant room.

When bleached or whitewashed, floors lose their color and become truly white. Just don’t use it on red oaks or exotics because the red oaks will retain a light pink and the exotics will just be distorted.

They are stylish and provide a fresh, airy, and light look for modern, coastal, and contemporary themes. The white gives a great touch of color while highlighting the natural beauty and graining of the wood.

Bleached Floors

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Matte-Finished Wood Floors

While satin has been a very popular finish throughout the past few years, matte is predicted to rise in popularity this year dramatically. Some people think that matte floors can appear dull or flat, but in reality, it makes your floor look eye-catching and contemporary. It just depends on the quality of the floor that the matte finish is being applied on.

Matte-finished wood floors also appear natural and rustic. They don’t shine and have a realistic color which allows people to see the details of the grain. Matte floors were just featured in Vogue Magazine, which has spiked a serious interest in the concept.

With a matte finish, you get a very durable floor, hiding any wear and tear much better than traditional hardwood or its glossy finished flooring counterpart. Matte-finished hardwood provides a nice camouflage to hide messes and dirt. It’s very forgiving and allows you extra time to finally take out the broom.

Regardless of whether or not there are pets or kids in the house, floors aren’t perfect, but a matte-finish is a great way to go for durability and style. If you’re not into glossy finishes but are on the fence about whether you want to go with a matte finish, a satin finish is the next best thing.

matte finish hardwood floors

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Smokey-Toned Wood Floor

A few years ago, the color gray made its mark in homes and offices alike. Now we’re seeing another trendy gray look. Smokey-toned wood floors add some character and drama to traditional solid hardwood. The look is very appealing and unique.

A lot of people like the edgy and rustic look that it offers while it still speaks to the traditional warm undertone that is seen in modern hardwood flooring options. One of the coolest parts about smokey-toned wood floors is that almost any species of wood can go through the process that gives the smokey design.

There is no need for applying stain because the color comes through the process it undergoes, which involves putting the planks in an isolated chamber where ammonia is released in the air, reacting to the wood, and creating the change in color. The dark tone is very pleasing to the eye.

Varied Hardwood

Source: Shaw Flooring

Final Thoughts

We all love our homes and want to make them look their best. Your flooring is one of the first impressions that people entering your home will have, so why not strive to impress? If you’re interested in adding or updating hardwood flooring into your own home in the Denver area, our team at MacDonald Hardwoods is here to help. Contact us today to see how we can help.