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Hardwood Floor Cleaning


Keeping Hardwood Floors Beautiful

We Help You Clean and Maintain Wood Flooring


MacDonald Hardwoods has long been the premier source for all your hardwood floor maintenance and cleaning supplies. For more than three decades, customers have relied on our MacDonald Easy Hardwood Floor Cleaner to keep flooring beautiful – no streaks, no residue!

Check out our entire cleaning system, including cutting-edge quality and design products. We’ve put together a top selection of products over our 30-plus years in the industry. These hardwood floor care products enhance your home’s beauty while still keeping your budget in mind. Drop by our showroom to see the many options available.

Our affordable cleaning solutions and equipment are available for rent or purchase. Check out our Easy Hardwood Floor Cleaner™. Just ask one of our flooring experts for advice on which hardwood floor cleaning product would be best for the wood in your home. We even offer instructional classes!

Wood Flooring Cleaning Tips

Properly cleaning your hardwood floors is important to maintain the sheen and glossy finish of your floor. Keep your floor looking new by reading through some of our hardwood floor cleaning tips.

The Dos

  • Vacuum or sweep your floor regularly to remove dirt, dust, and any loose material. We recommend the MacDonald Hardwoods Mac Vac™.
  • Remove spills promptly. Use your terry cloth mop cover or a clean, soft cloth with MacDonald Hardwoods Easy Floor Cleaner™ to clean up wet spills. Use a vacuum or broom to pick up dry spills and abrasives.
  • Placemats at exterior doors to trap sand and grit from incoming traffic.
  • Install felt floor protectors on the “feet” of all furniture.
  • Use area rugs on high traffic areas: at ends of steps, near doorways, etc. All rugs should allow your wood floor to breathe. Avoid rubber-backed or non-ventilated rugs. When rugs are impractical, periodically check your floor for wear.
  • Maintain the relative humidity in your home between 45% and 55%. Excessive humidity or extreme dryness can cause your wood floor to swell or shrink, creating cupping or cracks.

The Don’ts

  • Do not let sand, dirt, and grit build up. They can act like sandpaper and actually abrade and dull your floor finish.
  • Never damp mop a wood floor. Excessive amounts of water can cause your floor to swell and cup. No matter what you’ve heard from family and friends, do not wet mop with water and vinegar to clean hardwood floors. This can dull your floor and finish over time.
  • Avoid walking on wood floors with high heels. They can severely damage wood floors. Keep heels in good repair.
  • Keep pets’ claws properly trimmed to avoid excessive scratches and gouges.
  • Do not use wax, oil soap, liquid polish, or other household cleaners on your polyurethane finished wood floor. The use of these products can dull today’s floor finishes and make refinishing difficult.

Not sure which flooring solution is right for you? Let us help you assess your options! Simply contact MacDonald Hardwoods today at 800.639.3006.