This is How to Complement Rustic Decor with Hardwood Flooring

September 16, 2018

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Rustic decor is a no-brainer for Denver residents, and hardwood flooring is a perfect complement. Mountains are synonymous with Denver because of their splendid proximity. Exploration of the Front Range is an ordinary weekend and vacation destination for many residents. The air is fresh and crisp. The local fauna observes from safe distances while going about their business.

Sitting at the river bank, watching the rapids flowing over the rocks gives you a feeling of serenity–a feeling sorely missed once the normal rumpus of life is resumed. This is how your home can seamlessly integrate with the local way of life and provide you with the retreat you need.

Integrate Natural Elements into Your Room

Not surprisingly, the interiors of homes in the neighboring areas frequently feature a rustic outdoors theme. They feature stone walls and fireplaces, they contain furnishings made from natural wood, and they include copper and bronze artwork in the shape of elk and moose. Elk antler chandeliers and other decorative items are a great addition to a rustic room. Preserved logs, tree trunks, and branches morph into beautiful wooden lamps, furniture, and artwork.

Integrate Natural Elements into Your Rustic Decor via @macwoods

This is the Importance of Color and Texture

The combination of earth tones makes these homes feel warm and inviting. Most rustic room floors are solid hardwood covered with textured rugs. The color schemes revolve around brick reds, burnt oranges, rich dark browns, cool greys and black. Dark solids in heavier weights dominate the fabrics, to emphasize a feeling of warmth. If you use patterned fabrics, they are muted without any significant contrasts.

To provide contrast to a natural wood or stone wall treatment, a solid hardwood floor with a soft, consistent color can be used. With the right selection of sleek-lined contemporary furniture, the contrasting textures can create an elegant environment that calms and soothes.

Flooring Options for Rustic Decor 

The current selection of solid hardwood flooring varieties far exceeds its predecessors. In addition to wider planks, which give the room a more spacious look, there are many colors as well. For example, a grey tone that resembles wood aged from natural weathering is a popular choice. Also, many kinds of woods feature a high-contrast striped effect that complements the rustic theme excellently.

For a truly rugged look, hardwoods that contain naturally-occurring knots and markings are available. “Distressing” techniques such as wire-brushing and scraping add a further dimension to the finished look.

Make Smart Decor Decisions

Whether you choose to have a rustic interior that has a strong connection to nature, or more modern, shabby chic look, planning your decor is imperative to achieving an uninterrupted flow of matching personality throughout your home. Because there are so many choices available, you might appreciate some assistance from a professional.

Experience can help you narrow down your choices based on how you plan to use the room and what colors, textiles and furnishings are selected. MacDonald Hardwoods consultants will collaborate with you to create a natural, outdoor atmosphere within your home.

Final Thoughts

No matter which theme you or your designers choose for your home, the experienced staff at MacDonald Hardwoods is available to walk you through the process of choosing your flooring. They will come out to your home and measure the room; help you select flooring that fits your needs and budget; show you how to care for your floor; and, if you like, teach you how to install the prefinished solid hardwood flooring yourself.