7 Benefits Of Using Citrus Cleaner On Your Hardwood Floors

February 21, 2018

Posted in macstaff

When you have hardwood floors in your home, you will want to take care of the items with the best types of cleansers. Hardwood floors require specialized care to keep the items looking beautiful, especially in a commercial setting in high traffic areas. Citrus cleansers are extremely popular for hardwood floors because these products offer a variety of benefits. Here is why you should use a citrus cleaner on hardwood floors.

Benefit # 1: Citrus Cleaners Are Made From Natural Substances

While some cleansers are made from man-made chemicals, citrus cleansers are natural substances. If your natural citrus cleanser leaves a residue on the surface of a hardwood floor, you don’t need to worry about a child or family pet walking on the floor — this isn’t the same with chemicals, which can be dangerous for kids and pets. Citrus floor cleansers are made from the juice or pulp from lemons, oranges, and grapefruits; they’re part of a healthy, effective home upkeep routine.

Benefit # 2: Citrus Floor Cleaners Safely Remove Grease from Hardwood

The acids from citrus fruits will cut through the grease on hardwood floors, making a citrus floor cleanser the best choice for the floors in a kitchen. While you are cooking food in a kitchen, grease floats through the air and lands on the planks or tiles of hardwood floors, but a citrus cleanser will lift this debris from the surfaces.

Benefit # 3: The Oils Impart a Wonderful Fragrance in Your Home

While chemical-based cleansers may have a strong odor that you won’t like, citrus-based floor cleansers have a delicate fragrance that smells like the juice of grapefruits, oranges or lemons. The delicious scent of citrus cleansers may float throughout your home, creating a healthy ambiance.

Benefit # 4: Citrus Eliminates Dangerous Pathogens

Citrus fruit juices and pulp contain natural substances that will eliminate pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. Lemon-based cleansers are considered the best for destroying the germs that can make you ill, but limes, oranges, and grapefruits also have sanitizing properties.

Benefit # 5: Citrus Cleaners Protect Your Floor’s Finish

If you want to protect the beautiful finish on a hardwood floor, then citrus cleansers are a perfect choice. The oil from citrus fruits will coat the hardwood floor’s surfaces to protect it from the damages of debris. This coating keeps a variety of substances from seeping into the hardwood, preventing discoloration.

Benefit # 6: Natural Ingredients Mix Easily With Water

You can buy a concentrated citrus-based cleanser for your floor, and it is easy to mix with water in a bucket before you mop a floor. With this type of cleanser, you only need to use a small amount to sanitize a hardwood floor in a few minutes.

Benefit # 7: Citrus Leaves You With a Shiny Hardwood Floor

When you want to have a shiny hardwood floor, citrus-based cleaners are a great choice. The oil from the citrus cleanser creates a gorgeous sheen on the floors, helping to make the hardwood plank’s surface look fantastic. Look for citrus cleansers at online and local stores to keep your hardwood floors in the best condition.