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Choosing Hardwood Floor Species

Make the Right Choice & Investment For Your Flooring

At MacDonald Hardwoods, we want you to love your wood floor. Hardwood flooring is a long-term investment, but rest assured that our hardwood floors can last through the life of your home. Looking through all of the options available can be difficult, so we’re here to help. There are a lot of factors involved, and making an informed decision is the way to go.

Which Floor is Right For You?

Some things to consider:

  • Engineered or Solid Hardwood
  • Prefinished or Unfinished Flooring
  • Types of Installation
  • Color & Grain
  • Hardness & Durability
  • Stability

MacDonald Hardwoods is available to help you with your choice. We are the hardwood specialists and offer each customer the benefit of our experience, knowledge, and expertise. We even display our hardwoods in our Denver-area showroom so you can visualize your new floor in your home.

Trending Now

So analyzing current trends is difficult to do, unless you regularly keep up on the design industry. Luckily, The National Kitchen and Bath Association is one of the leading sources in the industry for tracking current design trends. We’ve found that traditional kitchen designs are not as popular as they once were. In fact, “transitional design” is the new trend at the moment.

Never heard of it? Transitional design is the term used to describe the hybrid of both traditional and contemporary design elements. NKBA described it as, “typified by lines that are simpler than traditional, but a bit more elaborate than contemporary in order to create a modern classic look.”

Leading Design Trends

  1. Transitional
  2. Traditional
  3. Contemporary
  4. Shaker
  5. Arts & Crafts
  6. Cottage

On Trend Finishes

  1. Dark Natural Finishes
  2. Mix of Dark & Light Natural Finishes
  3. Medium Natural Finishes
  4. Painted Finishes
  5. Distressed Finishes

Most Popular Wood Species for 2018

  1. Maple and Cherry
  2. Walnut
  3. Oak (for tonal contrasts)
  4. Birch
  5. Alder
  6. Bamboo

Lighting also affects the designs. LED lighting is currently the number one ranking choice for households due to new energy efficient trends. Choosing the right look for your home is important, so let us know how we can help. We have a Denver-area showroom available so you can look at all of our stock in person.

Hardwood Flooring Species

Don’t know which one is best for your home? You’ve done your homework, and are still racking your brain and mulling over all of the options? We have some suggestions to help you pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for.

We recommend you bear the following in mind:

  • Appearance. This may seem like an obvious one, but is very important. What look are you going for? Compare texture, grain, and color to see what livens up your rooms.
  • Stability & Durability. It goes without saying that you want your hardwood flooring to last and be strong and stable beneath your feet.
  • Ease in Finishing. The maintenance and upkeep of your hardwood floor is very important, so it’s good to know how easy or difficult it can be finished and cared for.
  • Availability & Pricing. We are stocked with the most popular high-quality hardwoods, which can fit into different budgets. Call us at 800-639-3006 for availability.

The species of wood you choose can affect the longevity of your flooring as well as the every day use of it. Visit our Hardwood Floor Glossary Page for an overview. For inquiries on the different flooring species we have in stock or advice on choosing a hardwood floor for your home, talk to the experts at MacDonald Hardwoods.

Contact MacDonald Hardwoods today at 800-639-3006.