Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Flooring in Denver, CO

The Eco-Friendly, Hardwood Alternative For Your Floors

Interested in an alternative to hardwood flooring? If so, bamboo is a popular and environment-friendly choice. MacDonald Hardwoods now offers bamboo for your home or office flooring, and will install them professionally. If you haven’t heard of bamboo flooring, or are not sure what makes this crop a great choice for flooring, we’ve provided some information below.

Color & Grain

bamboo.floor_Bamboo is normally a pale yellow color, but live bamboo discolored with brown or black streaks or patches normally has developed fungal decay. No growth rings or heartwood / sapwood. Usually the texture is quite consistent unless it has been split and processed into lumber.

Durability & Stability

Bamboo stains, glues, and finishes very well, but is species-dependent when it comes to the difficulty of working with it and its stability. Due to shrinkage of bamboo while being dried, the moisture content has to be re-adjusted. Once this happens, it is somewhat stable in use. Special care must be taken when processing it into lumber. Bamboo is not recommended for use in exterior conditions due to the its perishable nature, as well as its susceptibility to attacks by insects.

The Facts:

  • Use Less Trees, Make More Floors. Bamboo is a grass and therefore does not involve using trees for your flooring. From a sproutling, bamboo can be harvested in a matter of 3-5 years, which is quite fast. Because of the fast-growing nature and density, an acre of bamboo provides more flooring than an acre of trees.
  • We Don’t Steal From Pandas. This may or may not have crossed your mind, but bamboo is a grass known as being the main food source for pandas. However, this particular species, selected from groves in Southern China, is not eaten by pandas. Rest assured, having bamboo flooring will not make our black and white friends endangered.
  • Compare to Hardwoods. Bamboo is flame resistant, and is 27% harder than Northern Red Oak and 13% harder than hard Maple. With both hardwood and bamboo, the flooring can be nailed, glued, or floated, and can be installed over many types of sub floors, for your convenience.
  • Other Distinctions. Bamboo gives off a natural, earthy smell while being worked. Although very uncommon, bamboo has been known to cause skin irritation in some individuals.

Not Convinced?

We are happy to install hardwood or bamboo flooring for your home. Knowing all of the options available helps you make an informed decision, so let us know what you decide. Contact MacDonald Hardwoods at 800-639-3006 today for advice or further information on bamboo flooring or for any other questions regarding your flooring options.