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Home Decor Tips For This Summer

Bedroom Room with light

Summer is just around the corner. People are shedding their winter coats and reaching for cut-offs. With summer comes socializing. We have friends and family over for cookouts and patio parties. Just as we spruce ourselves up for the sunny skies, we take a good look at our homes to see if they are summer…

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7 Living Room Decor Tips to Inspire You

You don’t have to duplicate a magazine or online image to create a living room befitting of a magazine spread. Throw caution and “can’t” to the wind, and create a living room that is meaningful and personal to your family. Carefully consider the following questions, and you will be ready to decorate your living room:…

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This is How to Care for Hardwood Floors & Make Them Last

How to Care for Hardwood Floors & Make Them Last

Not all of us are contractors or have the ever convenient hardwood flooring expert cousin or friend of a friend. And, for those of us who own homes, we would love to magically have a few of those skills sets now and then. We need to know how to care for hardwood floors. From major…

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Bamboo Flooring vs Hardwood: Which Should You Choose?

Bamboo VS Hardwood Flooring

If you look at your home as a body, you will begin to understand that each area is like it’s own organ; every part must work together to create a functioning organism. Your floors are like the palms of your hands or the soles of your feet. They’re crucial for everyday living. So, making the…

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5 Small Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference With Your Hardwood Floors

Area Rug on Hardwood Floors

Whether you’ve moved into an older home or the home you’ve lived in for years has hardwood flooring, sometimes it just needs some freshening up. Hardwood flooring is durable, made to withstand years of use and abuse while still looking beautiful. However, over time they may start to look dull or scratched from moving around…

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5 Meditation Room Decor Ideas to Help You Get Your Zen On

Meditation Room Decor Ideas

Designing a meditation room in your home is a great way to gain peace of mind. You can create a designated space to relax in and get your zen on!¬†Meditating is no longer only reserved for traditional monks and those who have a passion for the new age lifestyle. Meditation has proven mental and physical…

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This is How to Install Hardwood Floors Over Concrete

Install Hardwood Flooring Over Concrete Slab

When you install hardwood floors, concrete is one of the best bases to work from — there are only a few steps to take. Follow these steps with care to safely complete the installation yourself.¬†Whether you’re planning on renting out your home or looking to increase its value, using concrete as a base is a…

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What is a Janka Hardness Rating and How Important is it?

What is a Janka Rating and How Important is it? #JankaRating

A Janka rating is a hardness estimate given to wood. In hardwood flooring, the score is used to determine the durability of hardwood species that it might be suitable for a home. No matter what species you’re interested in, chances are, it has already undergone the Janka hardness test. Use this guide to understand precisely…

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