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2015 Hardwood Flooring Customer Preference Survey

2015 Hardwood Flooring Customer Preference Survey

Hardwood flooring is known throughout the world for its enduring beauty and timeless appeal. From era to era, or sometimes year to year, certain species and finishes come in to and go out of style while others seem always to be in demand.

Over the past few months, we have been talking to interior designers across the country about what consumers are asking for now, what designers are recommending, and why, after all this time, hardwood continues to reign supreme as the prefered flooring choice of both.

Though some of the things we discovered came as no surprise (oak remains far and away the most popular choice for hardwood flooring, as it has since the beginning of covered floors), we were surprised to find that, despite the greater stability and other benefits of engineered flooring, 63% of designers still prefer solid hardwood. Likewise, while we thought surely most designers would have a favorite manufacturer, we learned that 72% of them those we surveyed do not.

Take a look and see what else the experts had to say about which hardwood flooring they recommend most, what’s trending in older and younger generations, which woods consumers are choosing for homes with pets, and more.

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Hardwood Flooring Survey Infographic

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